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Conversations educating small businesses on how to discuss with their team, topics of health (physical, mental, financial) including expert guests and our own experiences as business owners and leaders.

Food Lies, Sapien lifestyle, Peak Human host Brian Sanders

December 8, 2022 | 45:22 min 

Brian Sanders has spent the past several years working on the most comprehensive video production out there on the problems with the modern food system and all of its tangled webs.  He’s been interviewing doctors, ranchers, anthropologists, nutrition experts and he’s traveled the world for this film.  Today Brian shared some of his time to talk about what he’s learned and how he’s going to tell the story he calls Food Lies.   Brian has an amazing podcast called Peak Human where he interviews experts in all realms of health and nutrition each week.  He also started his own company selling regenerative meat products and related items which he calls Nose To Tail.  To make sure there is a physical place for like-minded folks to congregate and celebrate these ideals, Brian has created the Sapien Center in Austin, TX.  He shares about his vision for the center toward the end of this episode.  We packed this one full of information, health, workout, ancestral living, and all things in between.  Please enjoy!!!

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Get involved with the Food Lies film here.

Mushrooms for health and wellness with Brandon Gilbert of Hyperion Herbs

November 18, 2022 | 46:37 min 

Today’s fascinating guest was Brandon Gilbert who founded Hyperion Herbs 15 years ago right out of college.  He found that reishi mushroom helped his mental clarity, sleep and overall health.  That started a pursuit of learning which then led to him wanting to share his knowledge to the public.  You can hear how he started his first business in Louisville, KY which was a learning experience and stepping stone to his primary business today.   Brandon’s depth of knowledge on all things mushrooms is impressive and he does a great job of explaining his business and how to incorporate mushrooms into your daily life. 

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Employee Retention, Engagement and Strategies to keep the team together

November 4, 2022 | 54:24 min 

Dr. David Miles joined our podcast today to talk about what he sees businesses need to do to keep teams engaged.  He focused on hiring practices which, if done right, can save tons of turnover and future engagement or productivity issues.  Dr. Miles started his career as a first responder and infuses what he learned there into his teaching and consulting.  His tools for leaders are very data driven and have proven track records in industry.  For more info, text the word SKILLS to (540) 900-0450.  Please enjoy this episode!!!!

Here’s a free communication assessment:

Here’s a recent presentation that Dr. Dave did for the VA Manufacturers Association on 10 ways to Increase your Leadership Teams EQ

His website: Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation | Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation (


Twitter: David A. Miles, PhD (@davidamiles) / Twitter

Instagram: David A. Miles, Ph.D. (@david.a.miles) • Instagram photos and videos

Midwifery, Natural childbirth and recovery with Doran Richards

October 18, 2022 | 35 min 

Doran Richards joined us today to educate us and our listeners on midwifery.   While it isn’t always normal for two men to interview midwife practitioners, David and Josh dove right in!!  Doran has 6 kids of her own and 20 years of midwife experience.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable on topics of pregnancy and maternal care and does a great job of explaining how the experience of working with a midwife differs from a traditional medical setting.  She also explains the relationships she gets to develop with her patients, how involved dads can be, and how she works to make sure the mother is fully prepared for her delivery.  Doran also educates young women on taking care of themselves from a young age through ministry, nutrition education and more so if and when they choose to become mothers, they are well prepared.  This was really a great conversation with someone passionate about the work she does. 

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Wellness Program outcomes from a human resources perspective, special guest Richard Till

October 4, 2022 | 41 min 

Rick Till joined us today for some discussion about how a career HR professional has seen wellness programs work (or not work).  Rick has over 35yrs of experience being an HR leader at fairly large companies and has worked through a variety of programs.  A few things Rick emphasized were that companies really do CARE about their employees.  This is overlooked way too often as corporations are demonized as capitalist, soulless entities.  Corporations are nothing without their employees.  We talked about some carrot and stick approaches and a how offering different insurance plans often really doesn’t move the needle in terms of lowering overall costs.  Sadly, it all comes back to costs, insurance companies, and individual willingness to participate.  We’d love to hear from you, our listeners, about what you’ve tried or not tried at your business and some success or horror stories!!

To learn more about Rick, here’s his LINKEDIN
He teaches HR through Laurel Ridge Comm College

Homesteading for the working family with Emily Tomko, DIY your food supply

September 19, 2022 | 41 min 09 sec

Homesteading is more and more popular and given the uncertainty in today’s world, it might be something to consider.  So today we were joined by Emily Tomko who, with no background in agriculture or even gardening, has found her way to feeding her family from what they grow.  She even shared how a recent meal was almost entirely made from things grown on their homestead.  They milk goats, raise crops, chickens, cattle, and have found a never-ending community of support.  In this episode we covered how to allocate time, roadblocks you may encounter, getting started, involving the kids, etc.  We really packed alot into this episode and it is a great listen and inspiring to know that you can do it too!!!

Emily’s family farm is: Sunny Ridge Farm | Lancaster County, PA (
Emily’s podcast is: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Homesteading | Podcast on Spotify
Visit homesteaders of America here: Home – Homesteaders of America
Weston A Price Foundation: Home – The Weston A. Price Foundation (
Check out the Self Reliance Festival here: Self Reliance Festival – Event in Camden, Tennessee

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) with Laurel Ridge Community College Director Christine Kriz

August 16, 2022 | 36 min 4o sec

We welcomed Christine Kriz to our show today to discuss the offerings of her Small Business Development Center at Laurel Ridge Community College.  There are SBDC’s across the country and they provide free resources for new or existing businesses in a variety of aspects from startup, structure, marketing, funding, social media, etc.  We really unpacked alot in this episode, we even talked about a dog poop analysis company!!!  Christine leads a dynamic and talented team and her years of expertise in large manufacturing firms solidifies her own qualifications on all things business.  Please enjoy this episode.

Tom Stamulis’ company is here: HOME – True North Group (

Episode 20: Raw Milk and Deadlifts with Luke and Tommy

July 19, 2022 | 39 min 45 sec

Did you know raw milk is really tough to get in most of the country?  Did you know how great it is for human consumption yet it is basically not allowed?  These are things that our guests Luke and Tommy are trying to make sure more people know about.  They’re doing it in a creative way by using a fun tagline and great marketing.  While doing that, they’re living what they’re talking about.  Both are working on a farm in Southern VA, and working toward having their own place someday.  Hear us dive into some talks about how they got started, how their brand came together, what their goals are and how a consumer might be able to find a raw milk source. 

Find Raw Milk and deadlifts on Instagram
Their website is HERE
Find your own raw milk source HERE
Visit the VICFA site HERE
The Way To Live by Hackenschmidt

Episode 19: Life Starts With Food / Mike Bruce

July 5, 2022 | 50 min 40 sec

Today’s guest, Mike Bruce, really put healing the body with food into perspective for us.  Right away, after explaining how his own journey of discovering true satiety at age 26 for the first time, you can hear in Mike’s voice a passion for discovery and humbleness about allowing food to put the body where it wants to be.  From eating cake-top sandwiches as a kid to being told by an Australian on vacation about ‘Paleo mate’ to eating raw turkey breast, Mike’s journey is fascinating. 

We talked about his coaching approach, how he got connected with the Dr. he works with, and what he’s into now.  He also experimenting with fermenting liver and making pemmican!  For a copy of his pemmican recipe and process, visit:

Questions for the hosts??  Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram or Facebook

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Mike is a primal health coach
He also is an advocate of muscle testing or applied kinesiology
Mike recommends the 21 Day Total Body Transformation

Episode 18: Catch up with the hosts!!! What's happening, what's coming up....

May 31, 2022 | 28 min 56 sec

Today’s episode was a chance for hosts David and Josh to share some updates on what they’ve been doing personally and professionally related to some past podcast topics.  Also, in early podcasts we both talked about some of these things and promised to do regular updates, then never did!!!  So we just decided to devote one episode to catching up and it turned out to be alot of fun.  Hear David talk about his expanding homestead operation, involving his young kids in raising animals, his wife digging into medicinal herbs and still managing the printing and marketing business at Home – Signet Marketing (

Josh discussed how music is mental therapy for him and how he’s experimenting with his ketogenic diet based on the book from past guest Robert Sikes of KetoSavage.   Also Josh talked about the wellness program at his business and the eye-opening outcome of the step challenge they recently had.  Their coach and past podcast guest Stacie Haaga has setup a robust wellness program and this was one of the fun outcomes. 

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Episode 17: 5 Laws of Gratitude w/Paul Magness

April 26, 2022 | 54 min 44 sec

Paul came on the show today to answer some questions Dave and Josh had about personal financial management and team financial health.  But…. we headed off in a new direction, with Paul’s guidance, to discuss where he thinks all such discussions have to start which is the laws of Gratitude.  Paul stumbled onto a document someone left in his truck and it really impacted him greatly.  So he shared this with us today and we just really think our listeners will enjoy this conversation.  The hosts were left nearly speechless (not good for people who are supposed to interview others!!) and just let Paul go and teach us.  Please enjoy this lesson and let us know your thoughts or leave a review on your favorite podcast app!!!!

Paul was working off of this free document: Microsoft Word – PowerofGratitude.doc (

Also we referenced Purpose Driven |

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Episode 16: Sleep's Role in our Health w/Dr. Jeff Lessar

April 12, 2022 | 36 min 40 sec

Today we were joined by internal medicine and cardio/pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Jeff Lessar.  Jeff has treated patients with sleep issues for many years and offered our listeners a great perspective on all things sleep.  We talked about common sleep issues, Dr. Lessar’s treatment options, how to fix, and maybe more importantly, what we still don’t know.  We really enjoyed the back and forth today and this episode really contains some great nuggets of info for you. 

Jeffrey S Lessar MD | Physician Directory (

David mentioned the sleep habits of Liver King

Episode 15: Wellness Coach/Faster Way Coach Registered Dietician Stacie Haaga

Mar 29, 2022 | 38 min 57 sec

Coach Stacie Haaga chatted with us today and shared her insights from several years of coaching as well as her prior career in food marketing.  Stacie has a great view of the nutrition and wellness space because, like many coaches, she gets the people who thought they had already tried everything.  In addition to her coaching practice, Stacie helps in some clinical trials by helping the participants navigate nutrition during the program.  She also does corporate wellness programs (doing one for host Josh Phelps and his company Winchester Metals now!!).  This episode was another fun and wide reaching one with us touching on a wide array of nutrition topics.  Enjoy!!!!

Stacie’s coaching website: Nutrition Counseling | Virginia | Stacie Haaga (

Stacie’s Instagram is: Stacie Haaga | Health Coach (@staciehnutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Stacie’s Facebook is: Stacie Haaga, RD, CLT Nutrition and Wellness Counseling – Home (

Email Stacie: [email protected]

Episode 14: KetoSavage, (aka) Robert Sikes; KetoBricks, MMA, much more!!!

Mar 15, 2022 | 40 min 31 sec

Robert Sikes of KetoSavage fame joined us today.  Robert is a ketogenic bodybuilder and has just released a book describing his methodology for getting stage ready using a strict ketogenic diet approach.  His book Ketogenic Bodybuilding spells it all out in amazing detail.  Robert also is an entrepreneur and created a food product called KetoBrick!  He couldn’t find a shelf-stable food that had the nutrient profile he wanted to have handy during show prep, so he created his own.  He tells a bit of that story as well.  Finally, Robert shares how his business allows for workout time for his team, how they talk openly about keto and nutrition and health and all the things he is doing to allow his team to be healthy.  Robert and his wife Crystal are expecting their first child very soon!!!  Please give this one a listen, we had a wide ranging and engaging conversation.

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He’s on YouTube
To give a KetoBrick a try

Episode 13: Improvement by Movement with Dr. Kristina Wimer

Mar 1, 2022 | 41 min 40 sec

Dr. Kristina Wimer joined us today for a great discussion on her virtual PT practice called Improvement by Movement.   This concept is really cutting edge, physical therapy that you learn to do yourself, with whatever you have available!!  Kristina tells us how this practice works, what the data says about success rates and reviews how her program works.  She has specific training in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Method and Kristina has also teamed up with a group that helps measure outcomes and even improve them based on mountains of data they’ve collected and techniques they’ve refined over the years.  If you’ve ever had any chronic pain, acute pain, or anything that just didn’t seem to get better with your musculo-skeletal system, Kristina would be your place to go.

Learn more about her and her practice here: Improvement by Movement: About
She’s on Facebook and Instagram also on TikTok

Check out IMC here: IMC | Integrated Musculoskeletal Care | MSK Solutions | United States (

Episode 12: SmartyPants Medicine with Kelly Botta
We’re really excited to share this discussion about direct primary care and our great guest Kelly Botta.  Kelly is a PA and left her traditional job after growing more and more frustrated with the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the legacy medical system and wanting to find ways to spend more quality time with her young daughters and her husband.  Charting after the kids were in bed just to keep up wasn’t cutting it.  So she found direct primary care, did her homework, and struck out on her own creating SmartyPants Medicine!  Listen to this episode to find out how this healthcare model works, what the benefits are, and how Kelly has made it work for her life and family.  She still does what she loves which is provide quality patient care, but she does it on her terms.

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Episode 11: Employee Mental health with Joan Monahan

Feb 1, 2022 | 52 min 55 sec

We’ve been wanting to talk about mental health on this podcast and today’s guest really opened up that world for us.  Joan Monahan has over 2 decades of experience in counseling and her approach using humor and a very laid back style are great for her clients.  She was able to discuss clues managers can look for, how to start dialogue, and some common issues she has seen in her practice and how things have changed over time.  Joan was a superb guest and has so much insight into the often un-discussed world of mental health and how she’s working to normalize those discussions.

You can find Joan here until her website is published.

Episode 10: Herbal Solutions to health and much more w/Dr. Julie Carestio

Jan 18, 2022 | 38 min 35 sec

This episode was a great addition to our lineup of healing solutions.  Dr Julie Carestio is a doctor of Physical Therapy, has practiced yoga for 30 years, and is an herbalist.  Her practice now covers all of these topics for a really holistic approach to patient care.  Her unique set of training helps really dial in on improving outcomes using nature instead of pharma and her solutions are individualized.  She’s done extensive work in women’s health and has a ton of knowledge also on sleep.  This was a really informative discussion and one that everyone can get something out of. 

Find Dr. Carestio at Team 1 — Sage Physical Therapy and Women’s Health (
Sage Herbal Consulting | Facebook

Episode 9: Anette Haddox, PRO Physical Therapy; Industrial PT and POET

Jan 4, 2022 | 36 min 50 sec

In this episode we talk with Annetta Haddox, a PT with 36yrs of experience.  We really wanted to know more about her role in defining job descriptions and then coming up with assessments for employers to be sure their workforce is suited for the jobs!  This is an overlooked step in hiring and maintaining healthy and qualified staff.  She has a wealth of knowledge and has really been deeply involved in helping employers for many years of her career. 

Her practice website is: physical-therapy (
POET is: post-offer-employment-test

The 5 parts of health (instead of pie, we talked about it as a quiche!!)
         Move, Fuel, Recover, Endure, Community

For more resources in your area, start with American Physical Therapy Association | APTA

Episode 8: Dr. Darrell Volschke from Active Health Chiropractic

Dec 2021 | 37 min 6 sec

Dr. D is a chiropractor and is part of a group of health professionals that promote the 100yr Lifestyle.  His practice covers a wide array of patients and today we talked about what common ailments might be seen in working class folks that small business owners might want to be educated on.  We also talked about the 100yr philosophy and how to talk about all of these topics with your team.  What a fun and wide ranging discussion!

Find more info on Active Health Chiropractic here: Our Team – Active Health Chiropractic (
The 100yr Lifestyle

Episode 7: Dave talks about (Transendental Meditation)

Nov 2021 | 32 min 50 sec

Mind is one of the areas of health we intend to explore and one area that’s free and fascinating is meditation.  David has been formally trained in TM and practices it every day.  Josh sort of interviews David for this one and it is really informative and shows the power of meditation and how it can have a powerful, positive impact.

Episode 6: Financial Health with guest Shawn Rider

Nov 2021 | 37 min 45 sec

We’re joined today by Shawn Rider who is a local crossfit gym owner and also an educator on personal financial wellness.  Shawn has explored many avenues of personal wealth management while growing his business, planning for his family and helping his employees.  He mentors high school age folks about financial health and is definitely having an impact.  We discuss how to talk to your team about financial health, what are common pitfalls people face, what advice should we NOT listen to, etc.  It is a wide ranging and fun discussion.

Find Shawn at or Shawn Rider (@shawn_rider_) • Instagram photos and videos and definitely check out his blog at Personal Finance – Shawn Rider – Finance Educator (

Episode 5: Fasting in the workplace? Are we asking for trouble?

Oct 2021 | 31 min 8 sec

Josh and Dave talk about fasting, first how they each found their way to using fasting but then discuss some ways it might benefit a workforce.  This is really an interesting idea and one that could benefit a team and the business if implemented correctly.  Have you mentioned this to your team?  Have you thought about the productivity that could take place?

Episode 4: Broaching the topic of Health with your team
Dave and Josh walk through the intricate ways in which to approach a health conversation with your team at work.  This isn’t easy and can be delicate so it must be handled with care.  You can risk turning someone completely off if you don’t do it right and you also risk allowing someone to slip deeper into sickness if you say nothing.  We’d love some feedback on tips and techniques once you hear this episode!!!

Episode 3: Reading labels and understanding serving size

Oct 2021 | 36 min 52 sec

Today we review how important learning to read labels is, what each section really is telling you and how to use that information.  We discuss the errors people can make when reading them and understanding serving sizes.  If you’ve never really paid attention to a nutrition label, you’ll get a lot out of this episode.

Episode 2: The myth that being healthy is expensive

Sep 2021 | 35 min 51 sec

Dave and Josh walk through the concept that being healthy is somehow more expensive than the alternative.  Some examples about food choices, nutrition content and then medical bills and insurance premiums all come into play.  This is an interesting topic and should spark some fun debate.

Episode 1: Introduction to the hosts and the podcast

Sep 2021 | 29 min 25 sec

In this first episode you can learn about hosts Josh and Dave, their backgrounds and what led them to wanting to start sharing their knowledge on small business team health.  Both believe that a healthy team will create a healthy business and want to share some thoughts on how to accomplish that.